A little bit about me


Hi, I’m Emma.  An Ottawa transplant living in the Big Smoke.  I work in the marketing industry but I moonlight as a home-cook and food junkie.  For as long as I can remember, food has been a focal point in my life. Scratch that. THE focal point in my life. It consumes me (and then I consume it. Hardy har) I dream about it, I sure as hell think about it and my friends and family can certainly attest to the fact that -my god- do I talk about it. Buying groceries, pouring over cookbooks, and messing around in the kitchen are some of my favourite pass times. But eating? Oh it’s all about the eating. The eating of all the delicious things.

So really it’s a no-brainer (28 years in the making) that I take this obsessive hobby and share it with the world. Or with the 6 of you who accidentally landed on this blog looking for new crochet patterns.  I’m no chef, I’m not a writer but I am a lover of cooking. And eating. And talking about things that I cooked…and ate. Hope you enjoy!

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